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Christmas Delight

December 25th. The only date, that sounds like ear candy. Every night of the 364th day of the year, I rush downstairs, and check the tree, as if I’m expecting a Fendi.  Disappointed  as always, I tell myself, it’s just another prank my parents are playing on me, so I don’t get caught up on receiving, instead of giving. My eyes so bright, they were the only things shining. Naturally, I noisily bounce back to my room and attempt to fall asleep, but the adrenaline, so vibrant, it almost hurts.

On the morning of December 25, the smell of cinnamon tickles my nose. Why? Nobody knows. Struggling to open my eyes, everything around me is dim. Casually bumping into walls, until I hit the stairs, and smell more food, haha just a slight grin. I run down, or at least as fast as my tiny feet allow me to, and immediately feel my blood dance around.  Around the breakfast table, everything lit. From fairy lights, to candles, to Christmas music.

As the hours roll by, I see the joy of everyone in the family. To be honest, the one and only thing that really makes me happy. Then, it strikes. Christmas is much more than receiving. It’s about giving, and sharing that feeling with someone else. This Christmas, I’m sure, will be one to remember.



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  1. fatimaisd20

    Hi Jen,
    Your writing has great detail and imagery and it is very relatable. I love the rhyming words and the fact that you incorporated a message at the end of your text.
    Great Work!

  2. Anisha

    Hi Jennifer,

    I really liked the way you narrated your writing! I was really amazed of it! Keep up the good work! Don’t forget to visit my blog! Below is the link:

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