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Pros and cons of being in a community

At school, you tend to meet a diverse group of students that are interested in many different sports or after school activities. Naturally, unless you know exactly what you want to join, you tend to be conflicted in between two different activities you would like to do. A community – also defined as an after school activity – has many pros and cons that can challenge your decision. Consider some of these:


 Pros Cons
Bonding  People tend to get competitive
Meeting new People  Lack of interest after a few classes
 Doing something that doesn’t have to do with school work  Too challenging, or not challenging enough
 New experiences  Not what you expected
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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Love the use of a table in your post. I wonder if you could find an image and a link that relates to what you have written just to make the post visually more interesting.

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