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Student blogging challenge #6

For this weeks blogging challenge:

I commented on these blogs:
1. (

– This is actually a very controversial topic that’s being debated widely. I really love how your post has a proper introduction, so the reader has a basic knowledge on how junk food can affect our lives. I personally do agree with you. I believe that we can have junk food if we have it in moderation, and burn it off.
I really loved this blog post!
– Jen

Blog number 2:
– I think this is probably my favorite blog post. I can relate on so many levels it’s unreal. I’ve been playing soccer for seven years now, and after basketball, it’s my favorite sport. In the school I go to, many girls play soccer, and we have a competition called WAISAL. Here, we get to compete with other schools from different countries. My position is a striker, but usually I’ll play any position the coach puts me in.
I’m really glad I found another blogger who enjoys the same sport as me!!
– Jen

Blog number three:
– Hey Marianne,

I really appreciate this blog post. It really shows how open minded and care free you are about what people think about where you come from and even what you stand for. We need more girls like you around!
– Jennifer

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