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In response to activity #2

In response to Activity #2
Dear Mr. Smith, out of all the four guests that have left a link to their activities, I find yours to be the most interesting. I think the thing that made me gravitated to this link especially was the fact that I saw a video with a title “are you prepared for the zombie apocalypses? So in response to activity number 2, here are a list of things I would have by my bedside in case of an emergency:
1. A knife
2. A wrapping kit
3. Tylenol – anything for pain
4. A phone with a lot of useful phone numbers


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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for your comment and for thinking about emergency preparedness. By my bed I have a head strap flashlight so I can see in the dark and a pair of flip flops in case there is broken glass and I have to leave quickly. Having a phone with emergency numbers or apps that update you in the event of an emergency is a great idea. Not sure about having a knife by your bed. I am interested in your thinking about that–tell me more.
    Stay safe.
    Ms. Smith

  2. Love the conversation you had with Mrs Smith. She asked you a question in her reply to you, so you might need to go back there to answer her.
    This post has been flipped to the #16stubc magazine.

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