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How to comment, and commenting guidelines

There are many different ways to comment on someone else’s blog, or even reply to a comment made by someone else. The most important thing to remember, is that everyone can see what you comment, so it is important for it to be “well done.”

Guidelines to have a proper comment:

  • Make a connection. – To make the blog post writer feel as though the person commenting actually has someone that is interested in what they are.
  • Compliment the writer.– Instead of writing down that their sentence structure was wrong, or that they used to past tense instead of the present tense, tell them how much you enjoyed reading their blog.
  • Start a conversation. – With any of your comments, attempt to start a conversation with them. This may mean, asking them more questions about what they’re interested in, or talking to them about yourself.
  • Proof read your comment. – When commenting, make sure what you say makes sense, or else not only does it confuse the author, it makes it seem as though you don’t care about your public work.
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    This great post has been flipped to our #16stubc magazine.

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